The government is failing the younger generation

I walk my retired gun dog. Cher, twice a day.

She is now 10 years and six months old.

I go to a local supermarket and make no expense regarding her healthy diet .

She had a flea infection that cost me a lot of money regarding tablets for her, and home carpets and furniture flea spray.

Cat and dog owners agreed?

I can afford that at my stage in the game.

I then cast my mind back as the father of five children and a hefty mortgage, when I could not.

I then meditate on the younger generation, who cannot pay their basic utility bills as well as rent or mortgage, never mind the costs of a family pet.

I then come to the firm conclusion that the powers that be - from Parliament to local councils - who run our country could not run an ice cream van in Death Valley, a free fish and chip shop in an inner city deprived area, or an umbrella shop in a monsoon-hit continent.

To be serious, it really breaks my heart.

The fact is that we are here to make it better for our future generations as our parents strived to do.

We have failed them.

Bill Williams.

Merlin Way,



I'm fed up with the government's blame game

It was reported in the i newspaper on August 5 and 6 that Tory MPs plan to blame the Bank of England for pressure on households this autumn.

This comes as families face extra financial pressure due to the ever-increasing mortgage rises.

The government blame striking NHS workers for the near eight million people waiting for medical treatment.

They blame the French government, French border forces, and Labour for small boats crossing the Channel.

They blame Labour, those they label 'Lefty Lawyers' and the so called 'Woke Mob' for their failure to remove so-called 'illegal immigrants' to Rwanda.

They blame working people for causing inflation, because working people have the audacity to ask for a decent pay rise.

They blame the Fire Brigade Union because they deemed the Bibby Stockholm barge (a barge to house asylum seekers) unfit to house people, delaying the government's housing of asylum seekers.

They blame migrants for low wages, blame migrants for shortage of housing and blame migrant children for the shortage of school places.

The Tories' list of blame is endless.

When will this government stop the blame-game and start to accept responsibility for the terrible mess the UK now finds itself in?

Martin Webb,

Old Town,


Ukraine peace deal must be negotiated

The peace loving people of Britain have got tired of the war in Ukraine.

The sanctions on Russia have pushed up the cost of petrol and the cost of heating our homes.

The war has been going for more than a year and there is no end in sight.

Wars can last a long time.

One of our wars against the French lasted for a hundred years.

It is time that both sides of the war in Ukraine got together to negotiate a peace deal that is acceptable to both Russia and Ukraine.

Steve Halden,

Beaufort Green,