PM's net zero U-turn will put jobs at risk

For several years or so it has become fashionable to use the expression ‘broken Britain’ to describe the state of the nation.

In fact, it was Prime Minister David Cameron who used it as a rallying call to mend such a state.

But that was well over two decades ago.

Boris carried on the policies which, apart from his single phrase call, have added to our woes.

And yet here we are after ‘The sequel’, the accolade has passed to Liz Truss and her policies.

It was widely rumoured that Rishi Sunak was going to break the mould.

However, his recent pronouncements show that he, like his three predecessors, really couldn’t pass an ‘A’ level in managing the country.

Many people think that the Prime Minister’s announcements about e-cars has little to do with them.

How wrong can we all be.

The announcement ten days or so ago about electric cars to be built at Cowley and Swindon was heralded that it would protect jobs: not create any new ones.

With the relaxation of the e-car deadline then not so many cars will be needed over the next few years, needing fewer workers.

The much-vaulted battery factory near Taunton will have to be scaled back due to lessening demand - again, needing fewer workers.

This is before the investment trail is looked into.

Millions of pounds have been invested, unnecessarily, into the new technology.

I would expect shares in UK Plc. to decline.

I wonder what foreign investors think of our policy makers.

Many on the continent may view our current government as one that really doesn’t want to be in power.

They may see it as a government that is being held to ransom by a wing of a ruling party that cannot move forwards in the direction the people want but can only move sideways to appease a small number of MPs, just to remain in power.

As a consequence we have ‘Truss-the return’, where wrecking policies, which would not be in the nation’s best interests, are introduced.

This will result, as they did over several times over the past few years, in the economy being ruined and the ordinary people paying the price.

Maybe, politicians should have to sit an exam in running the country.

This current lot have failed the exam and its re-sit twice and so should go.

Oh, one final thought.

Having ruined the country, then any incoming administration will find it almost impossible to put things right.

Perhaps, looking at the long game, that was always the plan.

Robert Pixton,

Abney Moor,



Prioritising politics over our kids' future

I am appalled that Rishi Sunak is watering down still further on Britain’s commitments towards tackling the climate crisis. 

The plans set out by this government have already been shown to be inadequate to meet the net zero target, and Rishi Sunak’s plans will kick the possibility of reaching our target even further into the long grass.  

He is choosing to put his wish to win the next election before the future of our children, grandchildren and the planet.   

He is also jeopardising the jobs in the green industries in the UK now and in the future and businesses have already come out clearly against this change of direction as they need certainty for future planning.

If we sit back and do nothing, the planet burns and the extreme weather events of this year will only become more common.  

I urge everyone to act now and let their politicians know that Rishi Sunak is wrong.  If we make enough noise he might just listen.

Anne Bennett,
Address supplied