More needs to be done to prevent future flooding in Swindon.

Adver reader  Jackie Crook, of Corby Avenue, wrote: "After suffering no ending of flooding issues in this area, it seems that Chris Watts is reported to be preparing a report to review flood risks in Swindon.

"The issue in this area has been going on for years, Thames Water has put in new drains to no avail (by the way the road is now subsiding).

"This has been noted to the council via Councillor Jane Milner-Barry twice now.

"To date, we have not seen anyone from a proper body to see this road, and it will, with continual flooding, only be a matter of time before the road sinks in.

"We understand that, for a long time now, Swindon Borough Council has only one drain cleaning lorry for the whole of Swindon.

"Perhaps one good solution to this flooding problem would be to hire more drain cleaners, then perhaps areas such as the Link Centre or ourselves would not have been flooded if the drains were clear.

"The roadsides are a complete mess, filled with dirt, rubbish, and leaves, together with weeds growing along the side of the roads where the drains are.

"The problem in Swindon will be only solved with proper road maintenance.

"There is no shortcut of only having a quick road sweep.

"A lot of mud was still left in the side of the roads where it has been compacted, and come spring, more weeds will be again blocking the sides of roads and footpaths.

"Bring back manual road sweepers of old, men dedicated and proud of their road cleaning skills.

"Sadly, more flooding misery will continue!"