A Wroughton resident has criticised a local councillor after the Adver reported on his lack of attendance at recent meetings.

Liz Derbyshire, of Perry’s Lane in Wroughton, wrote in a letter to the editor: “I don’t know who thought up the heading for the article about Councillor Adam Poole, but I for one am not ‘concerned’ that he has done ‘absolutely nothing’ – I’m absolutely furious.

“He was elected on May 4, 2023, and, since that time, has done nothing to fulfil his election promise of ‘Putting Wroughton first. Every time.’

“He has steadfastly ignored his responsibilities to the Wroughton community, has attended only two full borough council meetings, sits on no committees, has never attended any Wroughton Parish Council meetings - although invited - nor presented any apologies.

“As he well knows, borough councillors are invited to parish council full meetings to update on any relevant activity.

“Residents’ attempts at contact have been ignored, as well as from WPC officers and the chair. During this time, he has, apparently, been claiming the councillor allowance of some £8,787 p.a., which equates to £732.25 p.m - for doing what?

“Perhaps voters should have looked into exactly what Mr Poole does/has done for the village – apart from living here and belonging to a political party.

“I can find no evidence of any community activity whatsoever.

“That he has a job and an ailing, elderly parent is not an excuse for inaction.

“Seemingly, he had both of those responsibilities when he put himself forward and should have factored that into the equation.

“Moreover, maybe the Lib/Dem selection process should have considered these matters, rather than just choosing ‘a local lad’?

“They have not been helpful in any way to encourage Mr Poole to do the decent thing and resign or – to get on with the job!”