An Adver reader wants to warn others after receiving a scam phone call from someone pretending to be from her bank.

Janet Woodham, from Scotby Avenue, wrote to this newspaper after speaking to a suspicious caller who tried to get her debit card details.

Janet said: “I had a phone call from my ‘bank’.

“A very nice man told me that my Visa card was going to be replaced by a new card.

“He asked me if I would collect it, or they could post it? It would be with me the next day!

“I asked why I needed a new card, as mine was dated 2027, before I needed a replacement? “He said they were sending hundreds out that would be dated for 2029. “I said to him that I needed to get some cash as I owed my friend some money.

“He said he would reactivate the old card so I could use it. He then went on to say, ‘Does your card number start with number four?’ “I had to get it and he said that he would wait.

“I agreed with him that it started with number four. I asked why, with being the bank, you have my number!

“I was told that if I read the number to him, he would know that it was my card. I said goodbye and rung off!

“Please make sure you are not talking to a scammer.”

You can report concerns of fraud to ActionFraud on 0300 123 2040.

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