An Adver reader has praised Swindonians for peacefully protesting against supporters of a far-right group.

Drag Queen Story Hour’s second event at the Wyvern Theatre last weekend attracted a handful of Patriotic Alternative members who were critical of the family-friendly storytelling session

They stood near the theatre arguing that the event was inappropriate for children but were outnumbered by a colourful display from pro-LGBT supporters who safely welcomed visitors into the venue.

Martin Webb, of Old Town, was pleased to read the report in Monday's Adver about this reaction from the local community and wrote in to encourage further efforts to reject Patriotic Alternative’s views.

Swindon Advertiser: Pro-LGBT supporters outside the Wyvern Theatre for Drag Queen Story HourPro-LGBT supporters outside the Wyvern Theatre for Drag Queen Story Hour (Image: Dave Cox)

He wrote: “Despite their best efforts to galvanise support by leafleting shoppers in Swindon town centre and delivering leaflets to Swindon homes, how good it was to read that with only 15 of their supporters in attendance, the good people of Swindon firmly rejected the Patriotic Alternative's attempt to divide society and stayed away from their protest at the Wyvern Theatre.

“This repugnant far-right fascist, neo-Nazi white nationalist hate group - of whom many of its supporters are Holocaust deniers - seek to divide British society and promotes white nationalist ideology.

“They target migrants who they say 'have no right to be here', and target the LGBT community who they say are a danger to children.

“Where’s their evidence for this claim?

“It's Patriotic Alternative with their repugnant views and protests that are not only a danger to children but to society in general.

“Patriotic Alternative need to be opposed wherever they raise their grotesque heads.

“Well done to all those who stood in solidarity with the LGBT community outside the Wyvern on February 4.”