An Adver letter writer has taken issue with the Dreamboys performing at the Wyvern Theatre.

The man, who wished to have his name and address withheld, wrote to this newspaper after learning that the raunchy entertainers came to the town centre venue on April 7.

He said: "Here we go again, the Wyvern Theatre is having The Dreamboys appear at their theatre.

"Is this really a type of show a local theatre should be having?

"Shouldn’t this be held at the gentleman and ladies club across the road?

"Let’s imagine The Wyvern Theatre put on a similar show for men and had women performing like The Dreamboys.

"There would be uproar.

"If they just danced and kept their clothes on, how many women would go? Not many, I suspect.

"With most councils trying to shut down gentleman’s clubs, this sounds like double standards.

"It’s okay for women to go and see male strippers at a local theatre but it’s not okay for men to do the same.

"I will not be holding my breath waiting for the Wyvern Theatre to put on a similar type of show for us men."