A new ban that prevents people born after a certain year from buying cigarettes is unworkable.

That is the opinion of one Swindonian who wrote in to the Adver after hearing about the new law.

Des Morgan, of Caraway Drive, said: “As a non-smoker, I guess I should be a supporter of the town's two MPs who voted for the recent ban on people being able to buy cigarettes. “However, they didn't vote for a ban on smoking as that option wasn't put to a Parliamentary vote.

“The law means that a person born on or after 2009 will never be able to legally buy cigarettes.

“However, they will legally be able smoke cigarettes.

“Can you imagine any other instance where an adult is not able to purchase products legally available to another adult just one year older?

“It is quite ludicrous for Robert and Justin to claim their vote will limit the effects of addiction, or prevent 470,000 cases of various diseases by the end of the century.

“Claims made by statisticians using modelling techniques designed to produce the 'correct' outcome.

“I wish people wouldn't smoke, but I do appreciate the £10 billion of taxes collected from their 'addiction' and consider the £3 billion cost to the NHS a pretty good return.