A concerned neighbour is calling for a speed camera to be set up on the main road through his housing estate.

Bill Williams, of Merlin Way in Covingham, has been shocked by the speed at which some drivers travel and fears that someone could be seriously hurt if nothing is done to slow them down.

He wrote to the Adver: “I read in the Advertiser about the new long range speed cameras.

“As I walk my dog daily across and down Merlin Way, I sometimes think I am at the Brands Hatch racetrack.

“The 30mph warning lights are being ignored and regularly flashing, telling drivers to slow down.

“In forty years’ residency in the area, I have never known it as dangerous to cross the road as it is now.

“May I suggest it is time that a long-range speed camera was installed near Merlin Way.

“I am positive that the fines collected would more than pay the expense involved in installing the cameras, as well as funding the police children’s Christmas parties for the next five years.

“The alternative? Sooner or later, a fatal accident regarding a collision with the speeding vehicles, or a child or adult pedestrian crossing the road.”