A TikTok video where a content creator asks people what their favourite thing about Swindon is has gone viral. 

The video by Rob Colfer was posted six days ago and has been shared 10,000 times, bookmarked over 2,500 times and liked almost 50,000 times.

In the video, which has been viewed 698,500 times at the time of writing, an off-camera host asks members of the public in Swindon town centre what their favourite thing about the town is and the results are something of a mixed bag. 

The first person, a man who is carrying a stick, pauses, chuckles to himself and then says: "I couldn't think of anything good about Swindon."

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This is followed by a young couple who say that Swindon is "s***" and an older gentleman who says "I wish I never moved here," before revealing he did so for a "stupid woman".

Another gentleman says that it is "depressing just looking around".

A young man stood outside Hays Travel then says that everyone "has six fingers" but refuses to take his own hands out of his pockets. 

Another person is asked "What's the most Swindon thing you've ever seen," and he says, "The people walking around."

This is followed by someone saying Swindon "is the best place in the world, and the centre of the empire, I was born here."

Rob Colfer is known for his 'street interviews' where he visits places and asks people questions. 

He is not the first TikTok personality to come to the town and give people an opportunity to express their own thoughts about it on camera. 

In February lmznation visited and had a lot to say about the Magic Roundabout and in July last year TikToker MC came to Swindon and described is a "tired"

Many feel that these TikTok videos often don't represent the town fully, 

A member of the public, who wished not to be named, has criticised the video. 

They said: "There is a lot that is good about Swindon, its outdoor spaces are wonderful, it has a fascinating heritage, its people are amazing when others need help. 

"It's not perfect but a sense of perspective is needed here."