MORE needs to be done to stop speeding drivers on a dangerous Highworth road, a neighbour has warned.

Alison Cross-Jones is trying to recruit volunteers for a community speedwatch team and urging more road safety measures to be put in place along St Michael's Avenue.

The road is a 30mph horseshoe-shaped route which connects to several streets and residential estates as well as shops, a pub, a pre-school and primary school.

This call for more road safety measures follows an accident on Friday night involving a car and a pedestrian in which a woman suffered potentially life-changing injuries

Alison is not seeking to blame anyone for the accident but is instead trying to ensure that something similar does not happen again.

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She said: "I'm shocked and saddened for the family, it's devastating for something like this to happen, especially so close to Christmas.

"Though I am surprised that there are not more accidents happening on this road because it's so dangerous and there are a lot of points where accidents could happen.

"I've been concerned about it for quite a while because when I drive along it on the way to and from work or try to cross it while walking the dog, I see so many people going like a bat out of hell down the steep hill.

"It's so busy in the mornings but there are no signs to say there are schools nearby or that children and their parents might be crossing, no pedestrian crossings and no traffic calming measures.

"Even if a bus is parked at a bus stop and you can't see round it, drivers overtake the bus and go round a blind corner on the other side of the road instead of waiting.

"It's awful, my friends and family have had a few close calls, something needs to be done.

"A lot of people feel this way, they are very concerned. Perhaps more of a police presence around here would make drivers think twice about the way they drive."

News of the accident has led to an outpouring of sympathy on social media and support for finding ways to prevent future collisions.