DIVERSION routes have been revealed ahead of the closure of the White Hart roundabout next month.

The major junction will close for three months from Monday August 16.

The unscheduled work to keep the road stable will add £2.6m to the cost of Swindon Borough Council's £30m project. It has been greeted with dismay by motorists already fed up with overrunning roadworks elsewhere in the town.

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Emergency service vehicles and traffic moving from the A419 southbound to the A420 towards Oxford or from the A420 west to the A419 southbound will still be able to access the roundabout.

For all other drivers there will be some significant mileage added to their journey,

For those who would normally use the White Hart junction to get on to the A4129 north, the signed diversion is along Drakes Way from the Greenbridge roundabout, south along Queens Drive, across the Coate roundabout to the Commonhead roundabout to join the dual carriageway.

Swindon Advertiser:

To get to the A420 drivers are advised to take that diversion head north to the Honda function and come back down the A419 south, where they can access the A420 eastbound.

Similarly, those coming from the Gablecross area through White Hart to town are asked to take the A419 south to Commonhead and use Queens Drive and Drakes Way to get where they want to go.

It means those people used to using the half mile of Oxford Road between the western side of White Hart junction and Greenbridge roundabout will have a diversion several miles longer.

The pedestrian footbridge will remain open at all times for use throughout the works.

St Margaret and South Marston councillor Russell Holland posted on Facebook: “The pedestrian footbridge will remain open at all times for use throughout the works.

“For the duration of these works a right turn will be permitted at the junction between Ermin Street and Oxford Road. This will operate under traffic signal control and single lane running. This is necessary because buses will need to travel in both directions between Ermin Street and Oxford Road.”

On the Stratton Facebook page run by Coun Holland, Ken Brand said: “It’s going to be quiet at home on Oxford Road but all the traffic from the A419 will obviously take the next exit onto the Highworth Road and then Swindon Road but that’s not already congested is it?

“I find it absolutely ridiculous that anyone would even consider closing access to Covingham Drive at the same time as closing White Hart roundabout, good luck to anyone travelling anywhere in Stratton when this starts.”

Bob Harriss added: “I have a feeling that folk living on and around Oxford Road may grow to enjoy their new status as a quiet cul-de-sac.”

But Sheena Herrington saw the need for the closure, saying: “I think we’ve all known for some time that the foundations of the roundabout are not adequate, hopefully getting them sorted will reduce how often we have disruption in the future. Get it all done in one go and then we can relax for a while.”

Motorists will be asked to keep to the signed diversion.