BILLIE Piper's new husband was barred from watching her performances in Doctor Who - until he visited her on set.

The ex-Bradon Forest School pupil married actor Laurence Fox on New Year's Eve after the pair met while performing in a play in London's West End.

It emerged earlier this year that Billie was to reprise the role of Rose during the present run of Doctor Who.

She left the show in 2005 but now writers have cooked up a return for the character, who has been making cameo appearances throughout the current series.

The 25-year-old, who will appear later in the present series to help the Doctor tackle Dalek creator Davros, has been talking to Doctor Who magazine.

And there she has told how her new husband Laurence visited her while filming the dramatic climax to the present series.

"He was really impressed and kind of overwhelmed," she said.

"His first comment was I feel like I'm never going to work again.' "Before that I'd never let him watch anything that I'd done or visit me on set.

"He'd never seen an episode of Doctor Who because I won't let him.

"I'm really firm with him when it comes to that sort of stuff because I get really edgy watching myself and I get even more edgy watching myself with my loved ones because they know me and I feel like they're going to take the ****."

During the interview she also told how she has to put up with constant media scrutiny.

"I'm okay with interviews like this," she told the magazine.

"But it's the stuff that happens when it's not controlled, when it's suddenly just about you leaving a house, or getting out of a car, that starts to become a bit actually, it's not boring or annoying, really.

"The overriding thing is that it's embarrassing.

"You're walking down the street, and people are gathering, and it's embarrassing."

She also admitted she still kept newspapers and magazines when she appears on the cover.

"My gran or nan will usually send me a few copies as well," she said.

"They're very sweet and they keep scrapbooks of everything."

She also told the magazine that she was delighted to go back in the Tardis.

"This series will make you cry, that's a promise," she said.

"But there is a lot of fun to be had with Doctor Who that you don't have with other jobs.

"But I don't miss the running around. The knees aren't really up to it."

The magazine is on sale now. Doctor Who is running on BBC One on Saturdays.