Have you ever wondered how some of Swindon's busiest roads would look if they were designed for pedestrians and cyclists? Well, wonder no more as an AI bot from the Netherlands has helped show just that!

The artificial intelligence tool from Dutch Cycling Lifestyle takes a road address anywhere in the world, scans the Google street view and pushes out four alternative images from a seemingly carless future populated by people and bikes.

Here are eight well-known roads in Swindon, re-imagined without cars to varying degrees of success.

You can pull across on the sliders to see the complete view.

Mead Way

We start with Mead Way, as many West Swindon residents will be fully aware of what this stretch of road looks like without cars thanks to the prolonged roadworks there.

The bot has taken a picture at the Stonehill Green junction of Mead Way and has reimagined the entrance of the estate to be a floral paradise with rows of colourful flowers next to a heavily pedestrianised area. 

Cricklade Road

The Moonrakers roundabout on Cricklade Road was the site of another long-term road work project but the Dutch AI bot would do away with the roundabout entirely, in favour of a large tiled area with plenty of box planters for plants. 

Interestingly, it has also got rid of the Moonrakers car park and replaced it bizarrely with a road, and it's even added cars that weren't in the initial picture onto this fake road - perhaps an acknowledgement from the bot that it's not always possible to completely get rid of cars. 

Queens Drive

We move on to Queen's Drive. Gone is the busy two-lane road next to New College Swindon. Instead, there is a tiled walkway, plants and trees, and - for some reason - some sort of weird eco-homes built into small grassy areas. 

It's unknown how the hundreds of students will get to and from college with this set-up but at least there will be a little bit of Hobbiton for them to look at out of the window while they're there. 

Commercial Road

One of the town's most recognisable streets in the town centre remains largely unchanged by the AI bot, at least compared to some of the previous examples. 

The road that runs down the middle has been replaced by yet another cobbled walkway which is flanked on either side by more of those now reoccurring box planters. 

Wood Street

Out of all of the carless reimaginings of Swindon roads by the AI bot, this might be the best one because Wood Street, complete with a leafy Goddard Arms in the distance, looks really nice and pleasant without a road and cars in the picture. 

There are wooden box planters, terracotta plots, benches (with a plant pot on them for some reason) and a wide variety of exciting floor options with brick, cobbles and pebbledash. 

Bridge End Road

It seems that the AI bot has taken its job seriously here in reimagining Bridge End Road without cars because its taken one look at the BMW factory and has decided that would be much better as houses. of some kind. 

The houses on the left also get a considerable extension to their front gardens, and instead of overlooking a busy road they get to overlook a tranquil cycle path one again extensively decorated with flowers.

Manchester Road

Manchester Road is one of Swindon's most well-known roads and the AI bot thinks it would be much better if instead of having a road it had a cycle path and walkway separated by a stupendous amount of colourful bushes. 

It has, however, left a bus in the background which is presumably so people can easily visit the Manchester Road bush lines. 

The Magic Roundabout

An icon, a landmark known across the world, the 11th best thing to do in Swindon - the Magic Roundabout needs no introduction. But in a world without cars, what would be in its place? 

A sea of green and orange plants and a huge cobbled walkway with a tonne of people on it of course.

These are just a handful of the well-known areas and streets in the town that could look different in a world where cars and roads don't exist but anyone can have a go themselves if they'd like. 

To generate your own images, visit www.dutchcyclinglifestyle.com/imagine and enter your address