Cast your eyes back to August in Swindon and things seemed quite different then.

Warmer temperatures, bins collected fortnightly and a certain Adver reporter had the misfortune of having to eat at a particular zero-rated town chip shop.

Fast forward to December and it is bitterly cold and the whole waste collection system in Swindon has changed dramatically.

Yet I discovered some things do not change after I returned to Mr Cod to review the fish and chip once more following its reopening.

Swindon Advertiser: Mr Cod can be found on Cricklade Road in Swindon.Mr Cod can be found on Cricklade Road in Swindon. (Image: Dave Cox)

Many will recall that the Cricklade Road chippy scored a worrying zero-out-of-five for food hygiene following an inspection in June.

This prompted a maiden review in August only to find that my order was not only disappointing in taste but also resembled a battered garden trowel.

The takeaway then went on to score a consecutive zero rating later that month after a visit from Swindon Borough Council’s Environmental Health inspectors.

It then temporarily closed in October before eventually reopening in November.

Swindon Advertiser: Ed ordered the small cod and chips from Mr Cod.Ed ordered the small cod and chips from Mr Cod. (Image: Newsquest)

With the return of twice zero-rated Mr Cod to Swindon, it seemed only right to see if things had improved four months later.

This, as I and my poor palette were about to discover, was not the case.

I entered the fabled ground to make my order on Wednesday evening, noticing that I couldn't find the zero hygiene rating.

Despite trying to follow my Scarborough roots and order haddock, I was informed that there was none available so I opted to order the brand’s namesake instead.

Swindon Advertiser: Mr Cod reopened last month after a temporary closure.Mr Cod reopened last month after a temporary closure. (Image: Newsquest)

Armed with a small cod and chips for just under £10, I returned home nervous and apprehensive.

Call me Sherlock Holmes because I was unfortunately right in my deductions after taking the first bite.

Was the fish shaped like a garden tool again? No, but it certainly tasted like something you’d scoop up with one.

The batter was extremely stodgy and bland, creating a thick layer of coating around the fish which was far from the crispy exterior one would expect.

Swindon Advertiser: Ed Burnett's first visit to Mr Cod came back in August.Ed Burnett's first visit to Mr Cod came back in August. (Image: Newsquest)

Inside, the fish was just as tasteless as the batter with the added feature of being grainy and falling apart too easily.

The chips again were somewhat of a saving grace and less greasy than before but then again, how hard is it to master the art of cooking chips at a chippy?

Readers will be pleased to know that I was okay the following morning unlike my first dining experience with Mr Cod, but a second visit certainly did not change my view.