An eyewitness has revealed more details about the moment a car crashed into the middle of a busy Swindon roundabout.

The Eldene resident, who did not wish to be identified, claimed that at least half a dozen similar accidents have happened on the same Snodshill junction in the years he has lived in the area.

The Adver reported on the latest collision earlier this week as police said the circumstances that led to the damaged Volkswagen Polo being abandoned on the grass island were not known.

The concerned neighbour first reported the incident to police, then got in touch with this newspaper to explain more about what happened.

Swindon Advertiser: The aftermath of the crashThe aftermath of the crash (Image: From public)

He said: “The car drove straight at the raised kerb, narrowly missing the signpost and lamppost, hit another side of the kerb, and landed in the middle.

“They must have been coming at quite a speed, I’d estimate 60 to 70 miles per hour, to have landed that far onto the roundabout after the brakes locked up.

“The two people inside the car got out and walked around afterwards, they did not seem to be badly injured.

“I called the police, who turned up around midnight and spent maybe 10 minutes there and then left.”

Three days later, the silver vehicle remained on the roundabout, covered in police tape, with tyre tracks leading from the direction of Morrisons gouged into the mud behind it.

The airbags had gone off, the wheels were shoved up into the bodywork, some of the windows were cracked, and the front of the vehicle had sunk into the ground.

Swindon Advertiser:

At the time, Wiltshire Police said officers responded to reports of the car being left abandoned at around 8.15pm on Sunday, January 14, and the circumstances around it were “unknown”.

But after more information came to light, a spokesperson was able to provide more information.

They said: “At around 11.45pm on January 12, we responded to a single vehicle road traffic collision on Snodshill roundabout in Eldene, Swindon.

“There were no reported injuries and no arrests were made.”

The witness added: “People seem to keep hitting that roundabout. One young lad died there a few years back.”

Luke Coram died at the same spot in August 2015. The 30-year-old was known for his love of motorcycles, American cars, planes, tattoos, music, and pets.