The decision to turn two of the town’s petrol stations completely cashless is being challenged by Swindon councillors.

Asda announced earlier in January that the fuel station at the superstore at the Orbital Shopping Park would become fully pay-at-pump soon.

The supermarket chain later in the month that the petrol station at the West Swindon Shopping Centre store would also become automated.

Swindon Advertiser: Asda's Swindon fuel stations are set to go fully cashless.Asda's Swindon fuel stations are set to go fully cashless. (Image: Dave Cox)

This decision prompted uproar from town residents, leading to councillors Daniel Adams and Jake Chandler penning a letter to Asda in opposition to the switch.

“When news of this was broken, it was clear from the community that this would be a detriment to the service and make things much harder for many who, for one reason or another chose or are forced, by personal circumstance, to use the manned kiosks,” read the letter from the Conservative representatives for St Andrews.

The two councillors outlined several reasons as to why the change represents a real worry for Swindonians.

“There is also the added safety factor to consider with there being no staff available in the event of an emergency on the forecourt,” continued the letter.

Swindon Advertiser: Asda at the West Swindon Shopping Centre.Asda at the West Swindon Shopping Centre.

“On top of this there seems to be an issue with the current system where it can take longer for the transaction to be authorised than it does to fill the vehicle with fuel.

“The automated system also means that some motorists paying for fuel face having up to £100 on their debit or credit card temporarily "reserved" while they fill up.

“We understand that this is done to ensure they can afford the petrol or diesel but customers are worried by reports of some people waiting days for the unspent portion of the £100 to be returned.

“This could leave people struggling to pay their bills in the meantime.”

Swindon Advertiser: Asda at the Orbital Shopping Park in Swindon.Asda at the Orbital Shopping Park in Swindon. (Image: Newsquest)

After highlighting the apparent issues with a fully cashless system at the supermarket fuel stations, the councillors asked for Asda to change their minds.

“With all this considered we would respectfully ask that Asda look at this decision again and what effect it may have on the many customers who are loyal to the company,” concluded the Tories' letter.

“Whilst we recognise the need for automation and how many customers may indeed prefer this, there will always be a need in our opinion for there to be a person in the loop for those who are unable or who are genuinely worried about the prospect of a fully automated forecourt.”

Asda confirmed no jobs would be lost as a result of the switch, with those working in kiosks being deployed elsewhere.