The grass verges in a narrow Swindon estate have been destroyed again by trapped HGVs, leaving residents furious.

Narrow roads and tight junctions in the Oakley Park estate in Coleview have made it a difficult area to navigate for lorries, which have been getting trapped there for years.

After the latest instance occurred on New Year's Day, the grass verge was left churned up and destroyed again this week.

Tyre marks have been left imprinted on the mud where the vehicle had to mount the curb to get through.

Swindon Advertiser: Residents have been left angered by the issue.Residents have been left angered by the issue. (Image: Dave Cox)

One disgruntled resident who wished to remain anonymous spoke to the Adver about the issue.

“I was aghast to see that after the area of land had been repaired that something had run over it again, ruining it and spreading mud all over the street and road,” they said.

“I appreciate it's a difficult estate to get around but if this issue is going to keep happening then there's no point anyone putting it right.”

The residents’ anger has led to Covingham & Dorcan ward councillor Kevin Parry campaigning for signage to be installed in the area to warn HGV drivers.

Swindon Advertiser: Cllr Kevin Parry is attempting to solve the issue with signage.Cllr Kevin Parry is attempting to solve the issue with signage.

He has been in touch with Swindon Borough Council to deal with the issue but so far no action has been taken to prevent the lorries from entering the estate.

“I fully understand residents’ frustration that lorries are taking the wrong turning into a residential estate causing damage to the grass verges,” he said.

“I have contacted Swindon Borough Council and requested they install better signs to ensure lorry drivers don't take the wrong turning.”

When the problem occurred earlier this month, SBC claimed that the issue would be dealt with.

Swindon Advertiser: The damage to the verges was extensive.The damage to the verges was extensive. (Image: Dave Cox)

An SBC spokesperson at the time said: “It’s not clear why HGVs are turning into this residential area, or where they’re going.

“We appreciate the feedback from residents and ward councillors and we are reviewing the signage in the area to make it clear that it is unsuitable for HGVs.”

The Adver asked the council for an update since the latest instance and the local authority once again claimed that signs would be erected in the estate.

A SBC spokesperson said: “We’re working on plans to install signage in the area to make it clear to HGV drivers that the road is unsuitable for them.

“We’re looking to install these as soon as possible.”