A Swindon supermarket has reopened its in-store toilets after more than a week of customers being forced to use what were described as 'disgusting' portable toilets.

Tesco Extra on Ocotal Way has been dealing with problems with its toilets for almost three weeks.

The toilets, which are located to the right of the entrance of the store, were reopened at the beginning of this week (Monday, March 4).

Customers reported a sewage smell at the entrance of the shop on Valentine's Day. Tesco apologised for the issue which it said had been caused by a blocked drainpipe and was reportedly fixed on the same day.

Swindon Advertiser: Portaloos outside Swindon's Tesco ExtraPortaloos outside Swindon's Tesco Extra (Image: Newsquest)

After this, the in-store toilets were then closed and replaced with portable toilets, which stood outside the store.

A customer was disgusted by the state of the portable toilets and told the Adver there was toilet paper all over the cubicle and no water to wash her hands. She also said that the lock was broken and there was a "disgusting" smell.

On Tuesday, March 5, the store's toilets were open and the portable toilets appeared to have been locked. A member of staff explained that the toilets had reopened on either Monday or Tuesday.