Despite striking fear into the hearts of motorists for over 50 years, it appears Swindon's Magic Roundabout has become something of a tourist destination.

It first opened back in 1972 and is made up of five mini-roundabouts surrounding a larger roundabout that moves anti-clockwise.

The roundabouts provide access to Fleming Way, County Road, Drove Road, Queens Drive, and the residential Shrivenham Road.

In 2009, it was voted the country's fourth scariest junction.

It has attracted global media attention, with TV shows and celebrities taking an interest.

But now, it appears the roundabout has become a tourist attraction of all things.

One reviewer on Tripadvisor said: "Of all the multiple roundabout configurations we have visited, this is surely the world's greatest. A fantastic day out for all the family."

Another remarked: "This is a glorious piece of history not to be missed. A great family day out full of weird and wonderful experiences.

"If you are really lucky you may even see a learner driver navigating their way through it, or a oldie but goldie - a bus driver driving straight through with no care for other drivers.

"To summarise - a fun-filled day that you could revisit on a daily occasion".

However, not all drivers are booking Airbnbs to visit. Far from it in fact.

"This monstrosity is one way to slap yourself silly"

One angry driver complained about it on Tripadvisor: "Driving home after being diverted off the M4 twice at midnight, this monstrosity is one way to slap yourself silly. Totally confused me and the Tesco lorry driver. Satan himself designed this."

And he wasn't the only one that had an issue with it.

Another user said: "I came across this in the dark one night.. when I first saw the route on my sat-nav I thought the app was broken, giving me foreign inverted directions around a roundabout. It had been raining and it was very dark, the road markings were very difficult to see.

"This needs redesigning, the experiment has been attempted.. and one large regular roundabout works better, end of the case study. One large roundabout perhaps with a shrine to this old puzzle junction in the middle as a remembrance."

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Magic Roundabout in Swindon turns 50 this month

Last year the roundabout celebrated its 50th anniversary. 

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: "The roundabout has been used by millions of people and has gained notoriety across the globe.

"It fills some people with dread, some with peace, and some with downright confusion but that’s what makes it magic.

"While it may seem like a ridiculous piece of road infrastructure, Swindon wouldn’t be Swindon without its Magic Roundabout."