Swindon motorists have announced they are boycotting a popular petrol station after refusing to 'pay at pump'.

Asda announced in January 2024 that almost 100 of its stores would be going 'card-only' as they move away from a cash system.

The Asda petrol station at the Orbital Shopping Park and the West Swindon station were both among those set to change.

But three months on, many Asda customers say they are still boycotting the petrol stations until a pay-by-cash option is reinstalled.

Swindon Advertiser: Two Asda petrol stations in Swindon have moved to a 'card payments only' system.Two Asda petrol stations in Swindon have moved to a 'card payments only' system. (Image: Dave Cox)

Driving instructor Carol Calvert said she had decided to take her custom elsewhere after the new system made it difficult for her to fill up her car.

"I was a very loyal customer for decades and would only use Asda. I'd go there once or twice a week to fill up depending on how many lessons I did that week," she told the Adver.

"It was also great to teach my pupils how to use the pumps.

"As a driving instructor, I get paid in cash and it was so convenient to go to Asda as it is my closest petrol station.

"But since they changed to card only I have boycotted them which means I have to travel to find a place to fill up."

Carol says that she is "old school" and moving to a card-only system has been a real inconvenience for her.

Swindon Advertiser: Several previous Asda customers have told the Adver they now go elsewhere for fuel.Several previous Asda customers have told the Adver they now go elsewhere for fuel. (Image: Dave Cox)

While some customers just find it easier to pay via cash, others have also taken issue with the temporary £99 transaction that is created with their bank while they fill up.

Driver Sue Hollick said: "I've noticed that a lot of people have stopped using Asda for this reason and I would definitely go elsewhere.

"This type of system excludes those who can least afford it, as well as the elderly and anyone not comfortable with the technology.

"Automating the process and phasing out cash should result in a reduction of the cost of fuel," added Dan, who is also boycotting West Swindon's Asda.

"Instead, we are expected to endure a customer experience that is completely devoid of human-to-human interaction."

Asda has reassured customers that its in-store supermarkets will continue to accept both cash and card payments as normal.

"The majority of customers who use our drive-thru Superstore fuel stations use pay at the pump and over 90 per cent of all payments are made on a card or contactless device," said a spokesperson for Asda.

"More than half of our drive-thru sites are already unmanned, and we are moving the remaining colleagues who work in the kiosk into the adjacent store so they can better serve customers.”