The son of one of the passengers onboard a Stagecoach bus involved in a dramatic crash in Swindon says the bus company has made no attempt to contact his elderly mum. 

In March, a Stagecoach bus crashed into the back of a queue of vehicles at the mini-roundabout on one end of Manchester Road, before continuing onwards to hit a phone booth, garden wall, and electrical cabinet.

Two people were taken to hospital, and others were treated at the scene. 

Harry Pottle, says his 85-year-old mother was on the bus at the time and claims nobody took any details from her at the time. He says nobody has attempted to contact her since to ask her  about the incident. 

Stagecoach says its investigation is ongoing.

"Everyone dispersed before the emergency services got there," he said. 

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Harry said his shocked mother, who was sat two rows behind the driver at the time, managed to find her way home.

He said that she was left with bruised knees, aches and pains but was not seriously injured. 

He added that she had been covered in glass, which he had to pick off her, and now keeps in a big bowl. 

"My mother is okay now," he said. "It could've been much worse."

"As far as I'm concerned the moment you get on a bus, Stagecoach has a duty of care and when you've crashed into the back of something on a vehicle with no seatbelts, there has to be a duty of care there.

"Stagecoach should have ensured that everyone that got off the bus is okay and not suffering from any long-term effects."

He has questioned how Stagecoach can be properly investigating the crash without speaking to a witness who was on the bus at the time. 

"Mum told me that the bus left the bus station and went down Manchester Road," he said. "She said it didn’t seem to slow down before getting to the corner, then there was a big bang and it careered across the road.

"Stagecoach has got to provide answers for what happened. I've tried to contact them myself, but I've been passed around. Eventually, they gave me a form to fill out to go through their legal department - but I'm not trying to make a claim."

A Stagecoach spokesperson said: "The investigation is still ongoing and therefore it would not be appropriate for us to comment any further at this time."