The cause of a sinkhole which led to a road closure near the town centre last week has been confirmed by Swindon Borough Council.

A hole appeared in the middle of the road on Albion Street last Thursday (June, 20), causing a five-day road closure.

Last week Swindon Borough Council posted on Facebook: "Our Highways Team have closed Albion Street (From Cambria Bridge Road to Joseph Street) due to a void appearing in the carriageway.

"Investigations are currently ongoing as to its cause, with the road closed until further notice."

A sign was then added to the barricaded sinkhole, saying the work would be completed by Friday, June 28.

But the work was completed before this deadline - on Tuesday, June 25 – and the road is now open.

A spokesperson from Swindon Borough Council said: “The small hole under the road has been repaired and the road was opened to traffic on Tuesday (25 June).

“The issue was caused by a damaged connection between the gully and the 300mm combined storm and foul water main, which caused water to leak out and erode the sub-base of the road.

“This has all been fixed so we do not anticipate any further issues.”