Swindon Town owner Clem Morfuni said that he expects some progress to be made on the development of the County Ground by the end of the month.

In a joint venture between the club and the supporter’s trust, the County Ground was purchased in March 2023 under the provision that £1 million worth of development be begun within three years, or the borough council could take it back.

Chief executive Anthony Hall told the Adver in September that they were making progress on their development of the ground with a feasibility study having been commissioned.

Morfuni said that although there was still plenty of work to be done before ground could be broken, a major step in the process should be completed before the end of the month.

He said: “We had a meeting on the fifth with the JV [joint venture] and we are going to do a master plan, do a report, and then we will submit that to the JV and see what they think about it.

“Once we get approval we can go through architects, planning, builders, cost plans, and go from there, but we must make sure that the JV is happy with it before we sign off on it.

“We are in that process, we are not sitting on our hands, trust me.

“It is on track, you don’t click your fingers and things are done, it takes time to get things rolling but I am pushing quite hard on it because I want it done as much as all of the supporters.

“I have got an idea for the whole stadium, that is not a problem, but we need a master plan, so we can get an independent person to do that and then we can submit it to the JV.

“I don’t want to announce that we are going to do something, and the JV might say ‘We don’t like that’, I don’t want to say something and get slammed by social media if it doesn’t happen.

“We have got the guy who is doing the report, but I need to tell them my vision and then make sure what the JV is happy with then they need to submit it to their people, and then we sign off on it.

“Hopefully that will happen by the time I go back and then I can submit it to the JV, so hopefully that will happen by the end of the month.”