An Adver reader has shared her memories of Old Town's branch of Boots after hearing of its impending closure.

Janet Woodham's mother worked at the Wood Street pharmacy which has been part of the town for decades.

The well-known chain plans to shut this pharmacy on February 9 as it is going to be one of the 300 Boots sites around the UK that will cease trading between June 2023 and June 2024.

Two petitions - one by Labour's Parliamentary candidate for Swindon Heidi Alexander and another by concerned resident Luke Campbell - were set up in a bid to change the big-name brand's mind.

Ms Alexander's was sent to Boots CEO Sebastian James with more than 750 signatures attached, while Mr Campbell's petition received more than 550 signatures.

South Swindon MP Robert Buckland also objected to the proposed closure and arranged to speak with Mr James about how the lack of a pharmacy in Old Town would cause problems for elderly, infirm, or disabled neighbours who would be unable to easily travel down the steep Victoria Road to the remaining branch in the Brunel Shopping Centre.

Learning of the impending closure prompted a trip down memory lane for Janet, from Scotby Avenue.

She wrote: "I read that Boots, the pharmacy in Wood Street, is closing.

"My mother was the pharmacist at Wood Street during the war.

"She had to stay two nights a week to make sure that the shop was safe from fire, during any air raid.

"I had quite a few boyfriends that my mum would meet.

"She would ask them their names.

"Then she would tell them, “I weighed you as a baby”.

"How embarrassing that was!

"My fiancée asked me if I could get some contraceptives as the man at work had sold out.

"I went to the pharmacy at the other end of Wood Street and asked the lady behind the counter, feeling quite embarrassed having to ask her, to then be told that they did not sell them as the owner was Catholic!

"I could not go to Boots as mum was so well known and they knew me.

"You can now buy them over the counter!

"I do not need them now as I am 80.

"My fiancée and I got married and have been married for 58 years."

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