A Nationwide advert featuring Hollywood star Dominic West has been reported to the advertising watchdog over claims it is misleading.

Rival bank Santander has filed a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, claiming that it is misleading and "discredits and denigrates its competitors", according to the BBC.

In the adver, launched in October, The Crown star West plays the fictional CEO of a financial organisation and racks up a large expenses bill, before he talks about cutbacks and closing the branch.

A voiceover adds: "Unlike the big banks, we're not closing our branches. Nationwide, a good way to bank."

Nationwide last year revealed none of its current branches would close until at least 2026, timing the announcement with a rebrand that began in Swindon.

The BBC reports that the Advertising Standards Authority is investigating the complaint.


A spokesperson for the ASA told the BBC: "We've received a complaint about a Nationwide ad. The complainant argues that the ad is misleading around other banks closing branches, and discredits and denigrates its competitors."

It is understood a decision has not yet been made regarding the complaint. 

Nationwide told the BBC: "We are aware of the complaint made to the ASA and await the outcome."

Santander declined to comment to the BBC.